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Gamma2 Vittles Vault 10 lb Airtight Pet Food Storage Container


The Vittles Vault Outback bucket collection is ideal for storing both pet food and people food. These canister-style buckets feature sturdy construction and a heavy duty steel handle for easy transport.

  • HDPE
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Dimensions: 12” Dia. x 12” H
  • BPA free
  • Food Grade
  • Meets FDA standards
  • Scoop included
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Nupro Joint & Immunity Support – Small Breed Size – 1lb


NUPRO® Joint & Immunity Support

Dog Health Supplement –  Small Breed Size

Treat Your Best Friend to a Healthier, Happier Life!

NUPRO® Joint & Immunity Support Dog Health Supplement adds Glucosamine Complex, MSM, and Ester-C® to enrich our Original “Gold” Formula, especially for the Active and/or Senior animal.  Your dog now has the benefit of a scientifically balanced combination of select ingredients specifically formulated to support normal joint structure, function and flexibility as well as promote optimal overall health and well-being.

NUPRO® Joint & Immunity Support helps to maintain the health and resiliency of joints, muscles and connective tissues, and to ease discomfort associated with normal daily exercise and active lifestyles.

NUPRO® Joint & Immunity Support is not just for Senior Dogs or those who may have joint issues! Active athletes (agility dogs, surfing dogs, dock-diving dogs, weight pulling dogs), show dogs, working dogs (police, arson, search and rescue K-9s), sled dogs, hunting dogs, herding dogs, AND large breed dogs, as well, will benefit from the addition of Glucosamine to their daily regimen.

NUPRO® Joint & Immunity Support’s combination of raw, unprocessed ingredients with the added extras makes for a superior product from which ALL adult dogs will reap the rewards!

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Nupro Lyfe & Spyce Health Supplement – 1lb


NUPRO® Lyfe-Spyce®

Healthy Immune Response

Treat Your Best Friend to a Healthier, Happier Life!

Healthy Immune Response

NUPRO® Lyfe-Spyce® is a proprietary plant-based formula designed to provide key ingredients that support and optimize multiple organ and immune system function in dogs whose quality of life may be challenged by debilitating health issues so common today. NUPRO® Lyfe-Spyce®, used daily, will provide an excellent source of protection for all adult dogs as it works to continually enhance your dog’s natural defenses against harmful environmental factors and oxidative stress by maintaining his/her overall vitality and well-being.

  • All Natural Vegetarian Formula
  • Powerful Antioxidant Properties
  • Supports a Strong Immune System
  • Isoflavones Genistein & Daidzein
  • Healthy Medicinal Mushroom Complex
  • Excellent for senior dogs that may be ‘slowing down’ due to advanced age
  • Supports Normal Inflammatory Response
  • Synergistic Effect—Combining primary herbs with additional herbs helps to augment positive actions

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS in Nupro® Lyfe-Spyce®

Turmeric Extract – Curcumin 95%
Believed to be beneficial for a wide variety of conditions in dogs. Curcumin, a component of turmeric, contains the most beneficial components of this spice. Curcumin also helps the body to destroy mutated cells by offering support for normal Apoptosis (programmed cell death).

Powerful Antioxidant & Potent Anti-inflammatory – Low-grade inflammation greatly increases the risk of developing certain health disorders. What’s the link between inflammation & oxidation? In a nutshell — the body produces free radicals — Free Radicals cause Oxidation — Oxidation causes Inflammation — Inflammation causes damage to cells.

By neutralizing Free Radicals, antioxidants prevent Oxidation — and therefore quells inflammation.

Directions For Use
NUPRO®Lyfe-Spyce® in a one pound size can.
172 scoops per can—–one scoop equals one teaspoon (2.3gm)
Dogs Up to 20 pounds – Approximately 7 month supply
Dogs 21- 40 pounds – Approximately 3 ½ month supply
Dogs 41- 70 pounds – Approximately 3 month supply
Dogs over 70 pounds – Approximately 1 ½ month supply
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Chieftain Seed Potatoes 50lb bag


Chieftain has medium maturity, good yield potential and is widely adapted.

Tubers are attractive and well suited for the table stock market. Chieftain

is moderately resistant to scab, resistant to mild mosaic, stem end

browning and net necrosis caused by current season leaf roll. Well

suited for washing at maturity. Good storability.

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Roots Organics Lush Potting Soil 1.5cf bag


N-P-K | 1-0.5-0.5

LUSH Growing Mix is an amended peat-based media that delivers absolute consistency and control.  LUSH is nutrient-rich, with an additional initial nutrient fertility package already added, to make producing superior results even easier.  This soil contains the ideal foundational components to maximize yield in mature flowering plants.

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Roots Organics Potting Soil Formula 707 1.5cf bag


Formula 707 Potting Mix is a ready-to-use soil created for the organic gardener who wants to control their own destiny.  Formula 707 is a base organic soil, allowing absolute precision for nutrient additives.  Formula 707 is different from our other soils because it was designed with greater water-holding capacity, fewer nutrients, less perlite, less pumice, and contains ingredients specific to large container gardening, peat-based soil with coco to air it up a peat, coco, perlite, and pumice base.

Coarse Peat Moss, Composted Virgin Forest Material, Perlite, Coco Fiber, Pumice, Earthworm Castings, Feather Meal, Bat Guano, Non GMO Soybean Meal, Fishbone Meal, Greensand, Volcanic Rock Dust, Kelp Meal. Also contains beneficial mycorrhizal fungi: Funneliformis mosseae, Rhizophagus intraradices, Septoglomus desertícola to enhance uptake of plant nutrients, increase root biomass, and help container grown plants resist stress




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Petmate Travel Bowl – Small


Collapsible silicone travel pet bowl that expands to hold 1 1/2 cups.


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Wire Hanger For Pot – 4 Prong


Wire hanger for pot with 4 prongs – 20″ long

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