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Chapin Multi-Purpose Sprayer, 48oz


Chapin 48-Oz Made in USA Heavy-Duty Multi-Purpose Sprayer, for Spraying Plants, Flowers, Weeds and Cleaning, Red/White

  • 48-OUNCE TANK: rust-resistant, 48-ounce, poly tank with a wide mouth opening making it easy to fill and clean; translucent tank allows you to see contents level
  • MADE IN THE USA WITH GLOBAL MATERIALS: designed and produced in the USA with US-based customer service and technical support, located at Chapin’s home base in Batavia, NY
  • MULTI-PURPOSE COMPAPIBILITY: designed for both homeowners and professionals to spray weeds, feed plants and flowers, mist beehives, and general cleaning; seals and gaskets work with common lawn and garden and weeds and pest chemicals
  • SPRAY YOUR WAY: comfortably grip the ergonomic handle with gloves and use the thumb-controlled shut-off to control the spray while working; twist the adjustable poly cone nozzle to spray a stream or shower depending on your application
  • ANTI-CLOG FILTERr: continue spraying without worrying if there’s dirt or debris in the tank, the anti-clog filter limits clogs from the tank to the nozzle
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Midnight Lightning Zucchini – 10 seeds


Cucurbita pepo


Days to Maturity: 55 DAYS    SKU   2907

Extra long and slender zucchini with dark green, almost black coloring.

Single-stemmed plants are sturdy and stems have few spines. Plants produce quickly and have good field resistance to disease. The first variety developed on our organic seed farm in Wolcott, Vermont.

  • PM tolerant
  • Harvest at 7-8″
  • OSSI
  • Bush-type habit
  • Open-Pollinated
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Glass Gem Corn


Zea mays


Days to Maturity: 120 DAYS    SKU   2377-A

Glassy, translucent kernels of unparalleled beauty.

Plants are strong, reaching 8-10′ tall and high-yielding. Each 5-8″ ear displays a gorgeous, unique variation of colors ranging from purples, greens and blues to oranges, yellows, pinks and deep reds. Though ornamental, kernels can be popped, ground or parched. This rare variety is the result of a cross between a Pawnee miniature corn, an Osage red flour corn, and another Osage variety called ‘Greyhorse.’ It was selected and preserved by the late breeder Carl Barnes, an Oklahoma Cherokee dedicated to preserving traditional Native American corns.

  • Popcorn/parching corn
  • 5-8″ ears
  • Open-Pollinated
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Flamingo Feather Celosia – 50 seeds


Celosia argentea var. cristata.

Celosia argentea spicata


Days to Maturity: 90 DAYS    SKU  7224-A

Glossy, semi-dry, foxtail blooms with dreamy faint pink coloration.

An early producing celosia with pale blooms that are excellent for fresh and dried floral arrangements. Plants have long stems and fine leaves making for ease of harvest and processing. Plants are easy to grow and have incredible field holding quality. Approx. 25,000 seeds/oz.

  • Cut or dried flower
  • 24-36″ tall
  • Annual
  • Open-Pollinated
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Organic Dental Solutions® Plaque & Tartar Fighting Gel (Clean Mint)


Dental care is an important part of overall health. Our natural oils and mint extracts work to improve your dog’s dental care. Dental disease can not only cause bad breath, painful infections, and high vet bills, it can also cause life-threatening conditions affecting your dog’s vital organs.


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PURE and Natural Pet Organic Dental Solutions® Plaque & Tartar Control Spray


Freshen breath naturally while reducing plaque and tartar with our USDA Certified Organic clean mint breath spray. Made with Organic oils and does not contain chemicals, dyes, artificial flavors, preservatives or additives. Made in the USA.


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FOOP Clone Gel – Rooting Gel + Cloning Solution 4oz


Clone Gel – Two Products in One: Rooting Gel + Cloning Solution – Get Big Fat White Fuzzy Roots Faster and Make Cloning Simple | Works Great in All Cloning Media (4oz)

  • TWO PRODUCTS IN ONE: FOOP Clone Gel contains both rooting gel + cloning solution. This powerful one-two punch stimulates rapid root development while at the same time provides a small dab of organic plant food to ensure a quick, healthy start to each plant’s life
  • GET BIG FAT WHITE FUZZY ROOTS FASTER: made from the finest organic ingredients such as fish emulsion, fish manure, and kelp
  • MAKES CLONING SIMPLE: Simply moisten rooting cubes (or fill a cloner) with only water pH balanced to 6.0 and that’s it
  • WORKS GREAT IN ALL CLONING MEDIA: FOOP Clone Gel works great in peat moss plugs, rockwool cubes, and cloners
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2.75 inches Nursery Pot Square w/Carry Nursery Tray


  • This item includes 8-2.75 inches square nursery pots, nice and cute. And also 8 cell pots carry and nursery trays suitable size for pots.
  • The tray is made of high quality PP material, sturdy and easy to carry. Two functions, one is to carry and hold the pots, another is to nursery plants together.
  • The trays can hold some water to allow the roots get water from the pots bottom holes. So you can water every one or two weeks. It has a special hole, which can be taken off the plug and let water get out, help for change water and for those plants need less water.
  • Every cell is connected by a channel, so you can only water one cell plant, and other cells plants will also get same amount of water.
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