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Summit Mosquito Bits


  • Safe for fish ponds and animal troughs
  • Kills mosquito larvae in standing water
  • Use in flower pots, tree holes, bird baths, water gardens, rain barrels, roof gutters and unused swimming pools
  • Keeps working for 30 days and longer
  • Made in the USA
  • 30oz
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Tetra AquaSafe Plus


AquaSafe® Plus BioExtract formula contains seaweed extracts (natural biopolymers), which support the development of beneficial filter bacteria for healthy and clear water. The added ingredients help to reduce aquarium pollution by strengthening the bacterial bed. As always, AquaSafe® Plus water conditioner makes tap water safe for fish.

  • Works in seconds to neutralize chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals present in tap water that can be harmful to fish.
  • One teaspoon treats 10 gallons.
  • Provides a slime coating to help wounds heal and protect fish from abrasions. Unique colloid ingredients have been designed to protect fish’s delicate gills and membranes.
  • AquaSafe® Plus can be used with freshwater and marine fish.
  • AquaSafe® Plus is the market leading water conditioner brand in the U.S. and has been protecting fish for more than 35 years.
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Swan Multi-Purpose Hose Swivel


No more kinking. With the Swan Swivel attached to your spigot, it’s unique dual 180° and 360° rotation eliminates kinking at the spigot or nozzle. Heavy duty ABS construction. If you have a hose, it must have a Swivel.

  • Unique 180° and 360° rotation
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Extra large female couplings make it easy to attach to your spigot
  • No more kinking
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Roots Organics Greenfields Potting Soil 1.5cf bag


Greenfields soil gives you the potency that comes from ocean-nutrients, without you needing to bury a fish head! Greenfields has 13 of the very best organic nutrients, and is full of crab meal, fish meal, and fishbone meal.  Designed for both the vegetative and flowering phases, Greenfields has greater water-holding capacity yet is free-draining, for frequent feeding of fast-growing, heavy feeding plants.  We’ve seen best results with using Greenfields outside.

Certified 100% Organic and GMO-Free.

Soil bags double as growbags – No additional pots needed!

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Midwest  Contour Exercise Pen Black – XLarge 48″


  • Dogs 91 – 110 lb
  • Allows you to adjust the length of the living area as your puppy grows into its home.
  • Easily sets up and folds down to portable size.
  • No tools required.
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Pet Shuttle Cardboard Carrier


  • The best cardboard shuttle in the industry. It has an automatic easy locking bottom with an extra cardboard insert that is plastic coated to retard moisture and create a solid bottom.
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Ethical Sleep Zone 27″ Black Diamond Cut Lounger Bed


  • Soft plush bed gives your doggo his own place to crash.
  • Oval shape with low bolstered sides works great for sprawlers or curlers.
  • Low sides make this bed easy to step into and out of.
  • 100% recyclable poly fill resists shifting for lump-free comfort.
  • Machine washable for easy care.
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