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Esmee Arugula – 1/2 oz


Eruca sativa


Days to Maturity: 21 DAYS BABY 40 DAYS FULL SIZE


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Celine Colored Snap Bush Bean – 100 seeds


Phaseolus vulgaris


Days to Maturity: 55 DAYS

Vibrant, dark to light purple wax beans with contrasting yellow interior.

Tasty and juicy beans with a strikingly bright, magenta color and wonderful tenderness. These are the first purple wax beans on the market. Plants are healthy producers of uniform beans on robust, bush habit plants. Incredible as a stand-alone bean variety or mixed with other colors for specialty appeal. Brighter and more of a brilliant purple than most other purple bean varieties and tender enough to be enjoyed raw. Developed by Dr. John Hart of EarthWorks Seeds. Light tan seeds. This variety is Plant Variety Protected – learn more here

  • Magenta color
  • 4.75-5.5″ pods
  • PVP
  • Open-Pollinated

Disease Resistance Details
High Resistance: Bean Common Mosaic Necrosis Virus (US1)


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Red Long of Florence Onion


Allium cepa


Days to Maturity: 115 DAYS

Gorgeous bottle-shaped bulbs with brilliant red coloring.

Slender bulbs with healthy green tops make a stunning bunch. Days to maturity are from transplant and are for fresh harvest, as Red Long of Florence does not dry well in the field and will not store. Preferred by culinary enthusiasts for easy kitchen prep and long, uniform bulbs. Mild, sweet flavor is great for pickling and using raw in salads.

  • Long day
  • Fresh bunching
  • 4-6″ bulbs
  • Open-Pollinated


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Red Baron Bunching Onion – 100 Seeds


Allium cepa


Days to Maturity: 115 DAYS

Beautiful deep red scallions with royal purple inner rings and bright, sweet flavor.

Harvest at 12-15″ in length, just before the bulb begins to swell. Performs well when planted in clumps of 4-5; succession planting is recommended. Provides delicious flavor when cooked, pickled and in raw preparations.

  • Deep red coloration
  • Excellent succession crop
  • Open-Pollinated
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Echinacea Purpurea


Echinacea purpurea


Days to Maturity: 110 DAYS

Beautiful 3-4″ flowers with pink-orange center cones and radiating magenta petals.

Medicinal compounds are most concentrated in young flower buds and fibrous roots. This is the easiest and hardiest cultivar to grow in northern climates. Seeds must be cold-treated before germination. Approx. 7,500 seeds/oz.

  • Medicinal and ornamental
  • Attracts monarch butterflies
  • 30-47″ tall
  • Perennial
  • Open-Pollinated


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Grune Perle Parsley


Petroselinum crispum


Days to Maturity: 45 DAYS

Popular Eastern European, finely curled parsley with strong stems and vigorous growth habit.

Exceptionally beautiful, tufts of deep green leaves make this parsley variety a stunning addition to the herb garden or market table. With a mild flavor and vigorous growth habit, this parsley is a perfect fit for both the commercial grower and home gardener. From our partners at Sativa Seeds.

  • Curled-leaf parsley
  • Biennial
  • Heirloom
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Adona F1 Cauliflower – 10 seeds


Brassica oleracea var. botrytis


Days to Maturity: 63 DAYS

Strong, vigorous plants with beautiful, high quality heads and a short harvest window.

Well-domed compact heads with dense flavorful white curds that resist becoming fuzzy or ricey. Heads are well-protected; wrapper leaves are well suited to tying or the “break, fold and cover” method of blanching. Tolerant of bacterial soft rot and downy mildew.

  • Spring or fall crop
  • 5″ heads
  • Hybrid
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Strike Snap Bush Bean


Phaseolus vulgaris


Days to Maturity: 55 DAYS

Strike it rich with heavy harvests ideal for processing or freezing.

Stringless, smooth beans are medium green in color. Strike is known for its concentrated pod set; great for canning. Widely adapted, disease resistant variety. White seeds.

  • Suitable for mechanical harvest
  • 5-6″ pods
  • Open-Pollinated

Disease Resistance Details
High Resistance: Bean Common Mosaic Virus

NOTE: This variety has a germination rate of 70% with a 15% overpack.

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