Rugged Ranch Fontana Chicken Coop **Special Order


The Fontana Chicken Coop is perfect for the backyard poultry enthusiast and is just the right size for 4 or 6 chickens. It has a huge yard for your hens to graze around. Features 3 nesting boxes with outside access for collecting eggs. It also has 3 roosting bars inside, as well as a big-access rear door for easy cleaning. Measures 112″ L x 45″ W x 60″ H.

The Fontana Coop is the perfect coop for the family that wants to keep chickens. The extra long run combined with the large wood hutch gives your chickens over 9′ of space to stretch their wings. Easy access from all sides makes this an easy coop to clean and tend to your flock.

Over 9′ in total length!

Access from all sides of the coop

3 Large Nesting Boxes

3 Inside Nesting Perches

Easy pull out cleaning tray

Made from naturally pest resistant solid fir

Over 9′ in total length

Extremely accessible

Very Roomy Cage

Available on backorder