Chick Feeder and Waterer Kit

Automatic 1L Chick Feeder and 1.5L Chick Waterer, Hanging Chicken Waterer with 3 Adjustable Heights, Baby Chick Starter Kit, Chicken Feeder and Waterer Set (red)

  • CONVENIENT EFFICIENT CHICK FEEDER KIT – GIFANK Chick Feeder And Waterer Set include a 1L Chick Feeder And 1.5L Chick Waterer, It Less pecking fights, the feeder has 8 holes, and more chicks can eat at once, The durable 1.5L waterer jug is translucent, so you can see the water level, and the red color of the base will attract your chicks to it. Our chick waterer and feeder are small enough to fit in your chick brooder enclosure and large enough that you won’t need to constantly refill.
  • ADJUSTABLE THREE HEIGHTS & NON-SPILL – The legs on the poultry waterer bottom can be adjusted to three different heights. You can fold the legs for baby chicks or unfold them for big hens, or hang by the strong steel handle. Raising legs will keep water from being spoiled. The water tank is perfectly balanced to prevent tipping and spilling, less mess for the bird keeper.
  • NO WASTE & NO MESS – Anti-scratch no waste baby chick feeder design prevents your chicks from wasting food and ensuring the food is dry, the feeder has 8 holes, more chicks can eat at once, and eliminate any mess during feeding time, which can save your feeding time and costs.
  • HEALTHY AND DURABLE MATERIAL – The chick feeders and waterers is made out of thick, BPA-Free material to benefit the health of your chicken. We upgrade the design of the combo, our container is visibly thickened, so that it’s more crash or pressure resistant. And it also has high corrosion resistance and easy operation.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND CLEAN – The perfect baby chick starter kit or quail feeder. Easy to wipe out and refill. Simply turn it upside down, fill it with feed and water, securely twist and lock on the base, and place it in your brooding enclosure or chicken coop. Recommend one set per 14 chicks or 2-4 fully grown chickens.
  • PERFECT CHICKEN STARTER KIT – GIFANK chick waterer and feeder dispenser are great for duck supplies and quail chick starter kits. The red color makes the poultry excited to eat more. We recommend one set per 12 chicks / 2-3 fully grown hens. Suitable for chicks, ducks, geese, pigeons, birds, or any kind of poultry feeding.

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