Egg Candler Tester


  • This egg candler light kit comes with a cell box which can be equipped with the 3 AA batteries; thus, you can conveniently use both inside or outside of your house.
  • Cold Light Led Lighting: The traditional light bulbs will overheat eggs during the inspection process. This professional egg candling light kit is better protection of the hatching life of eggs.
  • Easy Operated: Durable with easy on and off button. High-intensity egg candling lamp for monitoring egg development. The better effect when worked in the darkness.
  • Wide Range of Applications: 2 sizes of lampshades can be replaced quickly and will for different types of eggs including chicken, quail, duck, canary, and dark egg.
  • Package includes egg candler tester, 2 x lampshades (diameter 1.1/0.5 inches), power adapter cable length 33.5 inches, battery cell box.

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