Solid Gold Sun Dancer 24lb


  • GRAIN-FREE AND GLUTEN-FREE: Made with natural ingredients and real meat as the 1st ingredient. Formulated for adult dogs to thrive with the perfect amounts of vitamins and minerals for a well balanced diet
  • REAL MEAT, NO FILLERS: Sun Dancer Contains 100% natural cage free chicken as the first ingredient, No corn, wheat, or soy which are common allergies for dogs
  • PROTECTED PROBIOTICS: Combined with fiber-rich prebiotics, our patented, protected probiotics stay alive and viable until consumed, helping your pet achieve optimal digestive and gut health
  • UNIQUE SUPERFOOD BLEND: Solid Gold’s original superfood blend contains 20 nutrient rich superfoods like pumpkin, cranberries, carrots, kelp and lentils Providing the perfect balance of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber to support immune system function, aid digestion and boost overall health

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