Solid Gold Aloe-Bi Liniment for Horses and Dogs


Aloe-Bi Liniment is also made with comfrey, which has been clinically proven to assist wound healing and combat infection or fungal problems. A study at Brigham University found that comfrey has such powerful healing properties that it causes harmful bacteria to implode upon impact, which can speed up healing of sores and wounds. Comfrey has also been shown to draw lymphocytes to the damaged area where they will fight infection.

We use Jojoba as a carrier oil for this product. Jojoba is the only oil that can penetrate through three layers of skin, carrying the other beneficial ingredients deep into the damaged tissues.

Dogs may benefit greatly from massage with Aloe-Bi for stiff and painful joints. Massage releases endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers) from the brain.

This product contains no alcohol and will not burn the skin. Can be over-wrapped if necessary. Shake before use.

Ingredients: Contains yucca, jojoba, aloe vera, comfrey, fungicide and biotin

  • Liniment for horses and dogs ONLY

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