Petmate Seat Belt Travel Harness – Black (Small)


PETMATE SEAT BELT TRAVEL HARNESS is the perfect tool to ensure that your dog stays safe and secure during car rides. This harness is made to be sturdy and to distribute force evenly on your pet in the event of a crash to prevent whiplash. The belt loop and harness are easily adjusted to fit your dog snugly. The harness is also designed to work with most seat buckle systems to increase the likelihood that it is compatible with your car.

Petmate Seat Belt Travel Harness is easy to use and comes in 4 sizes to fit dogs of all sizes. This small size harness for dogs between 10 and 25 pounds, but for other dogs there are also extra smallmedium, and large sizes available. Keep your dog safe during car rides by ordering a harness today!


  • Works with most seat belts to secure dog in car
  • Adjustable to keep your dog secure
  • Available in four sizes to fit most dogs

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