Petmate Clean Response Swivel Bin & Rake


If you have a dog, you have the same challenge all pet parents share: How to clean up your dog’s “business”. The Clean Response Swivel Bin & Rake by Petmate makes this special duty easier and quicker. The large capacity swivel bin saves you time with less unloading, and the rake size and tine spacing are designed for optimal pickup capability on any surface. Clean Response uses ordinary plastic grocery bags and hook on in seconds. It also eliminates back and leg fatigue and strain with a convenient handle that is more than 3 feet. tall and features soft comfort-grip.

Petmate’s unique Clean Response makes cleaning up pet waste easy! This first-of-it’s-kind set is so easy to use, you will have a new outlook on having doody duty. Simply add a liner to the bucket, set the bucket next to the waste and use the rake to move waste into the pan. The convenient waste bag can then be removed and disposed of with no mess.

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