Organic Multi-Grow Fertilizer 5-3-4 5lb bag


Multi-Grow 5-3-4 is Yard Farm’s all-purpose, high nutrient mix of natural and organic materials. Great for home growers, farmers, landscapers and nurserymen. When using Multi-Grow you can expect to see rapid and sustained growth while boosting the biological activity in your soil!

Multi-Grow 5-3-4 Applications:

· Lawns

· Vegetables and small fruits 

· Trees

· Landscapes

To optimize your yield and growth you first need to optimize your soil with Multi-Grow 5-3-4. This fertilizer was designed to meet the needs of the soil and to transform the soil’s condition to maximize your growth. All growing plants produce better and more abundantly in healthy soils. Did you know food crops that are fed organically have higher mineral content and lower nitrate content? These results have been shown using Ash tests, which are tests that determine and analyze the content of something. Not only are organically fed crops holding more nutrients, they also taste better and have a longer shelf life. Growers using Multi-Grow 5-3-4 have reported improved quality, bigger yields and vibrantly coloured produce. 

Nurserymen and orchardists agree that young trees respond with vigor that out-paces conventional methods of feeding. Multi-Grow 5-3-4 is also the fertilizer of choice with numerous lawn and landscape maintenance applications. It has a non-burning, slow-release formula that can create an impressive impact, long after the landscapers have left the site. Both annual and perennial flowers show more power with lots of buds and blossoms. 

Multi-Grow 5-3-4 builds thick and healthy root systems which naturally crowd out the weeds. It also creates a perfect environment for beneficial microorganisms that help in decomposition and controlling harmful infestations and diseases. 

Specifically in grass, it helps decompose thatch, the layer just above the soil. Contrary to popular belief, grass clippings can be beneficial to the lawn when you have healthy, bioactive soil. Multi-Grow 5-3-4 creates vital, living soil that helps it decompose and recycle organic matter providing additional nutrients. 

Wherever you are growing, be it lawns, gardens, fields or nurseries, you should have Multi-Grow 5-3-4 in your toolbox. 

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