Organic Multi-Start Fertilizer 2-3-3 5lb bag


Multi-Start 2-3-3 is Yard Farm’s premium starting mix, great for any new installation, seedling or transplant. It can also be used as a summer top-dress for mature fruit trees. When using Multi-Start 2-3-3 you will be ensuring a healthy start while enriching the biological activity in your soil! 

Multi-Start 2-3-3 Applications:

· New Seedlings and Transplants

· Vegetables 

· Lawns

· Perennials 

· Landscapes

· Ornamental and Mature Fruit Trees 

New Seedlings And Transplants

Feeding new seedlings inspired this product, there is no substitute for Multi-Start 2-3-3 when it comes to starting seeds or young transplants. Whether it is vegetables, fruit, flowers, perennials, or nursery stock, no other fertilizer is as gentle and supportive in growth. We recommend using Multi-Start 2-3-3 over our Multi-Grow 5-3-4 for mixing into potting soil. See application guide for potting soil mix. 


Multi-Start 2-3-3 is great for root crops, such as carrots and potatoes. Also great for legumes like peas and beans. It boosts the size of vegetables by enhancing the root systems. Multi-Start 2-3-3 enhances nitrogen fixation by legumes. In legumes, the bacteria live in nodules along the root system. Within these nodules, nitrogen fixation is done by the bacteria, and the ammonia produced is absorbed by the plant. Multi-Start essentially helps the partnership between the bacterium and the plant creating stronger stalks and increased flowering for excellent production. Multi-Start’s is an excellent choice for many of Bermuda’s top crops, such as carrots, onions, potatoes, beets and beans. 


Multi-Start 2-3-3 provides an excellent start for new seed or sod installations by enhancing its root system.  To get a competitive edge over weeds, you need a healthy roots to create a thicker sod. An extensive root system also increases the lawn’s feeding efficiency and the percent of organic matter in the soil. Furthermore, the soil’s nutrient and water holding capacity increases, along with the biological activity. As we nourish and grow the microorganisms in the soil their activity creates other benefits like: mobilization of nutrients, nitrogen fixation, insect and disease suppression and aeration of the soil. 


Multi-Start 2-3-3 is our favourite when it comes to taking care of perennials. Growers are pleased with the results, getting a greater number of blossoms and stronger stalks. 


Multi-Start 2-3-3 should be your first choice for new installations. It enhances root systems, which decreases the mortality rate and shortens that transition period when plants are under stress. The slow release formula not only helps plants through the transplant shock, but continued to nurture the plant as it adapt to its new environment. A quick recovery from a transplant is our objective with Multi-Start 2-3-3. Its non-burning formula is also idea for any inexperienced home grower and employee, making it an easy and safe option for everyone to feel confident using. 

Ornamental And Mature Fruit Trees

Blossoming trees create their sets the year before they flower, so Multi-Start 2-3-3 is a great choice to use as it’s creates natural slow release source of all the essential nutrients. Research has shown that if too much plant food is available at any one time, the fruit tree may direct its energy towards new wood growth and thick foliage, significantly reducing the number of fruit set. The advantage of using Multi-Start 2-3-3 is that it slowly feeds the soil, letting nature take its course and allowing the nutrients to be available at the appropriate rate and time. The timing and rate of release varies in nature according to the changing conditions, by allowing Multi-Start 2-3-3 to be there for support, you will watch your trees bloom with vitality!  

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