Bond 3-Way Garden Soil Meter


The Bond 3-Way Garden Soil Meter help you easily know the quality of the soil. This easy-to-use tool allows you quickly find out the pH and moisture level of your garden soil. Bond 3-Way Garden Soil Meter also alerts you when the soil requires watering. This tool requires no batteries.

Bond 3 Way Floor Features 3 Way MeterBond 9629 meters ground:; accurate and easy to use, instructions included, no batteries required Bond 3 Way Soil Meter Specifications:; Moisture meter is accurate and easy way to measure the moisture content of soil and lets you know when the water; To help you determine if the plant is adequate light, helps you control the PH level in soil; instructions included, no batteries required; carded, It is build from high quality materials. It is suitable for home lawn & garden tools. This product is great buy and i suggest it is value for money.

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