Dimex EasyFlex Plastic Tree Trunk Protector – gray


  • EASYFLEX TREE TRUNK PROTECTORS: Protect your trees and saplings from damaging lawn equipment, rodents, and small pests with easy to install tree trunk protectors
  • 9 inch tall trunk protector coils – 12 inches wide with a 4 inch diameter and made with 100 percent recycled plastic materials
  • BLENDS WITH TREES: Grey plastic blends seamlessly with most bark colors, giving you tree protection without taking away from nature’s beauty
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE: Connect 2 or more coils with expansion tabs to create customized protection for trees that are larger than 4 inches in diameter
  • SAFE FOR YOUR TREE: The slotted design allows for plenty of air flow, helpful for preventing bark rot and good for overall tree health

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