Emboss-o-tag Plant Markers /50pk


Double Sided Write On Metal Labels for Outdoor, Gardening, and High Durability Applications; Aluminum Plant Tags with 6 Inch Wires (Pack of 50)

  • Handy for Gardeners; Plumbers; Electricians; Field Service Techs; Facility Engineers; Outdoors; Arts and Crafts
  • 1 inch x 3.3 inch; Write on both sides w/ ballpoint pen, pencil, or stylus; No fancy outdoor markers or embossing tools required
  • Perfect for tagging trees, plants, valves, lock boxes, and anything that must endure extreme environments; embossable
  • Attach using staples, nails, thumbtacks, or the included 6 inch long wires
  • Made in USA; Each pack contains 50 labels and wires.

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