Rockwool Rooting Hormone Cubes – 30


  • Stimulate Root Growth and Save your Cuttings! Achieve a higher than ever before cloning success rates with the Midas Products Rooting Plugs. Best Seed starter for Hydroponics. Pair with Midas Products Rooting Gel for a power duo to get you the yield you need!
  • Unique Formula: Thanks to Jute and water bio flakes, there is an even spread of moisture and air allowing optimal rooting. This allows you to use less water and will keep away mold and moss.
  • Never Dry Rooting Plugs: The Midas Products Rooting Plug can be left in open and dry air without losing its potency. Just add water and you are ready to clone!
  • Fits with Most Hydroponic and Cloning Systems: Our cubes come in a 30 pack and are two 2”x2”. This is compatible with most counter top hydroponic systems as well as larger, more sophisticated domed hydroponic cloning systems
  • Easy to Transport Clones: Our rooting plugs stay moist during transport from a cloning machine to your desired grow system. Look no further for your root growth medium!
  • 30 Rooting Cubes

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