FM Brown Yogurt Yummies Big Bites Parrot and Macaw Treats, – 6oz


Brown’s Tropical Carnival Yogurt Yummies Big Bites Parrot & Macaw Bird Treats are exceptionally tasty yogurt-covered fruit pieces that are irresistible to parrots and macaws. Hand-selected fruits like apricots, bananas, strawberries and coconut are coated in creamy yogurt for a chunky snack that any large-beaked bird would love to eat. The variety of colors, shapes and sizes make these flavorful bites great to use in foraging toys for added stimulation.

Key Benefits

  • All the fun shapes, sizes, colors and textures make this a stimulating treat
  • Makes a great foraging snack, chunky fruit with a creamy coating
  • Adds variety to your pet bird’s diet
  • Includes hand-selected fruits such as apricots, bananas, sweet red strawberries, tasty and scrumptious coconut
  • Makes an irresistible snack for all larger parrots and macaws

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