6″ Galvanized Garden Ground Staples


  • SHARP END – 6″ long Steel Staples have Sharp beveled ends make it easier/quicker to fully insert into the ground soil with less force
  • NO BEND – Solid/Strong Construction. Not bent when pushed into the lawn/hard soil ground. Landscape Staple/Pins are Made with Rugged 11 Gauge (3.0mm) Steel, Much Better than regular staples 4″ x 14 gauge iron wire
  • RUST RESISTANT – Rust proof last longer, Many years reusable uses without rust save your money in the long run. Galvanized Steel. MySit Garden Staples applied Premium Hot-Dip Galvanizing with thicker coating instead of Regular cheap Electro Galvanizing with thinner coating. So MySit Garden Stakes has much better ANTI-RUST performance
  • COUNTLESS USES – Anchor for Landscape fabric, Weed Barrier, mulch roll, Succulents raising bed, lawn seed mats,plastic plant covers, sprinkler hose, water dripper hoses,deer netting, Chain Link Fence,pet dog fences, rose garden,tomato garden tarps/cages, turf saver, synthetic grass erosion control blankets, irrigation controller wire, and sprinkler valve covers

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